Why You Need a Radiation Blocker

Is a Radiation Blocker that Important?

If you use a mobile device, computer for work or play, electrical appliances or are sometimes outside near power lines—you need a radiation blocker. Modern technology has us bombarded by electromagnetic radiation in unnatural doses, which increases our risk of cancer and other degenerative diseases.

The Environmental Working Group, reports that some brands of cell phones put out much more radiation than others and can be too high. Have you ever, while using your cell, or while close to your Wi-Fi router, felt a tingling sensation, slight dizziness or mental fog? That’s the effect of the radiation you are absorbing…and this adds up over time!

What can you do? If you love your body, value your well-being, and care about your ability to perform well mentally, the only answer is to protect yourself from the enemy radiation. Give yourself the gift of a radiation blocker. At Superhealth you can pick one up today! It’s surprisingly inexpensive and can easily be worn as a pendant, placed in your pocket or anywhere on your body whenever you’re being exposed. It will amplify your body’s own ability to protect itself from the harmful effects of technology, leaving you to enjoy what you do without fear.

The truth is that we get several benefits using our cell phones and tablets. Theses devices have become real companions in our lives and our jobs may require us utilizing them often. It is without questions to get protective cases for our iPhones and iPads just to name a few. but we MUST guard ourselves from radiation.

Electromagnetic Force(EMF) is dangerous! Radiation over an extended time will cause brain damage and cancer. Protect yourself with our blockers today! 

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