Symmetry Products

Symmetry Products- Highly Recommended!

Symmetry products are among our top recommendations at Superhealth Wellness Centre. Not only do Dr. Smith and his team personally use them daily, but our patients have for years taken advantage of this disease care system. The encouraging results continue to amaze!

Rudy Revak who founded Symmetry in 1995 determined to provide high-quality products to address the needs of people with different diseases.  Ever since the company was established it has been growing and thriving as a trusted authority in the health industry. While it presents an opportunity to its clients to earn a living, Symmetry’s priority is to ensure that the products provided actually work for those with specific needs.  Every product has been diligently tried and tested with outstanding results.  So while clients enjoy vibrant health they have been making money for themselves and their families wherever they are in the world.

We pride ourselves on testifying about four specific products that are producing extraordinary results for our patients.

  1. Genesis (Symmetry’s flagship product)
  2. Ultra Vitality Nutrapack
  3. Cardio 5000
  4. Advanced Omega

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