Heal the Impossible


Healing and recovery are totally IMPOSSIBLE if there is cellular malnutrition and abnormal biochemistry.

YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU EAT ― YOU ARE WHAT YOU ABSORB ― This is a core clinical issue that is often ignored in many popular protocols.

  • Are you sick and just can’t seem to get better?
  • Are you eating well but still feel tired in mind and body?
  • Are you taking vitamins and supplements but still feel lethargic and un-alive?
  • Does losing weight or gaining healthy weight seem impossible for your body?
  • Are you feeling old?

It is not scientifically possible to regain ENERGY or to HEAL if nutrients are not getting into your cells.  Radiation, and constant exposure to toxins in our air, food and water have the potential to “morph” our cells, compromising their ability to absorb needed nutrients.  Thus, taking any medication and applying any therapy—are in vain—unless this core clinical issue is addressed.

At SUPERHEALTH all our protocols bio-chemically address this issue treating root causes of illnesses at the molecular level. The beauty about alternative medical healthcare is that in the case of almost all chronic diseases—even those labeled incurable—treatment and management can be obtained relatively inexpensively.

Patients are empowered by learning how to make specific lifestyle changes to enhance health and well-being.  These changes (which amount to preventative health care techniques) many times cost relatively nothing, but over the course of time save individuals from the debt and emotional heartbreak that often come with having to deal with a debilitating disease.

Please pay attention to this: All chronic diseases have two main components to their healing:

EMOTIONAL—Your emotional state and patterns can account for up to 70% of your body’s ability to generate healing.  Cultivating courage and a positive belief in your approach to your healing is very critical to your success.  At SUPERHEALTH, not blind belief, but belief based on individualized explanations and facts is promoted.  This in turn generates the courage, comfort and emotional well-being essential to healing.  In many instances, even the emotional grief that is sometimes associated with having to give up one’s favorite foods or to make lifestyle changes has to be effectively managed. This too is addressed in our protocols, providing the needed support.

INFLAMATORY—Inflammation can account for up to 30% of your body’s ability to heal.  At SUPERHEALTH, our protocols zero-in on and address the reduction of any inflammation—seen or unseen—that antagonizes healing and creates pain.

Having a conceptual grasp of what these components and their implications mean is a powerful start in being mentally prepared to take the most meaningful steps on the road to recovery.