Healing Management

Step 1.   STOP THE PAIN (PHYSICAL OR EMOTIONAL) – Special Pain Formulas, Brainwave therapy etc.

Step 2.  STOP THE DISEASE/GROWTH – Using prescription protocol.

Step 3.  LEARN TO HEAL – Accept your life style change. Accept that the most important thing in healing is NOT THE DISAPPEARANCE of the disease/tumor but:

A.   The HALTING of the disease/tumor growth.

B.   The RETURN of normal energy levels/function.

Even dead tumors may take a while before they disappear completely. Be patient. Anxiety is the worst enemy of healing. Remember that healing takes place at the “SPEED OF HEALING” and “NOT THE SPEED OF YOUR EXPECTATIONS”.

At SUPERHEALTH LTD. We teach you how to be at peace with your health condition using Quantum Principles and Natural Healing Techniques. See testimonials.