Some Benefits Of Mint For You

Why You Should Consider Mint

Whether its hair, skin, diabetes or weight loss, mint benefits your health. It is also used to ensure proper digestion. While mint is a common ingredient in a lot of products such as breath fresheners, tooth paste, mouth wash and inhalers there are other noteworthy things about this plant.

Mint For Skin Care

Although mint oil is a great antibacterial and anti-pruritic component, mint extract is an ideal skin cleanser. It soothes skin, and assists to relieve irritations and itching. Besides it being a great remedy to decrease pimples, it can even lower several signs of acne. Its anti-pruritic attributes can be applied for curing insect bites including those of bees, mosquitoes, wasps and others. The cool feeling can relieve you of the uncomfortable sensation and the constant need to scratch your wound. The anti-inflammatory attributes of mint can lower swelling too. It should be no surprise that mint oil is often a basic ingredient in bug repellent products such as citronella candles, given that the strong scent is unpleasant to most insects.

Mint Treats Dandruff and Head Lice

If mint is boiled with nettle leaves to make tea it can be used to get rid of dandruff just by simply rinsing the scalp. An added benefit is that it promotes hair growth simultaneously, something you may not know. The antibacterial properties are also very effective in treating head lice infestation. You could say that in this case mint kills three birds with one stone!

Can Mint Address Weight loss?

You’ll be glad to know that it can. While this article will not highlight every benefit of mint, it is noteworthy to mention weight loss. As you would have gathered so far, mint is also a stimulant, therefore it stimulates the digestive enzymes that absorbs nutrients from food. The fat consumed thereafter is converted to energy, so the more mint you include in your diet the more this process takes place and so you can lose weight faster. With out mint, body fat will keep building up to increase weight gain.

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