Coconut Milk And Pure Water Will Improve Skin Tone

Want a Great Complexion? Quench Your Thirst with Coconut Milk and Pure Water!

If you really want beautiful skin you must watch what you eat and drink. What you put inside your body will show on the outside. Caffeine and sodas are enemies to beautiful skin since they dehydrate your body creating lines and wrinkles, much like a dehydrated grape turns into a prune! You may try to compensate by using moisturizers but you’re way better off if you put the moisture in your body, hydrating your cells from the inside out.

What to do?  Drink pure water, organic coconut milk and unprocessed fruit juices regularly.  Your body will say thank you and those beautiful colors from fruit juices will illuminate in warm, glowing and healthy skin tones.

Over consumption of caffeine can cause headaches, sleeplessness, depression and osteoporosis—all horrible side-effects…and your skin will tell the tale! The more you drink water, coconut milk and natural fruit juices instead of colas and caffeine you will rest and feel better. All your organs and cells will become more energized and youthful once the stressors of caffeine and colas are gone.

As your body eliminates toxins, they are released through your largest organ, the skin. Eating raw foods like seaweed, which contains extraordinary amounts of vitamins and minerals, will encourage fast detoxification.

Here’s a great tip! Whenever you boil water, it loses precious oxygen so it’s best to have your healthy beverages cool or at room temperature.