Cardiovascular Health – Why Important?

Your Cardiovascular Health Could Be In Jeopardy

Cardiovascular health is something we should never take for granted. Problems that have direct impact on the heart and blood vessels are among the worst world wide and usually results in death. The primary killer of men and women in the United States alone is coronary artery disease or what is commonly known as heart disease. The heart needs to be in good condition so that it pumps the needed amount of blood therefore the body functions optimally. In fact, heart attack is also a tremendous problem related to cardiovascular health. You should also know that there are many more conditions that can hinder these vital parts.

How Do You Start To Maintain Your Cardiovascular Health?

On October 29th 2016 Dr. Steven Smith spoke about diabetes and hypertension. It was an in depth discussion which helped people to understand what they are and the best ways to deal with them. Mr. Cohan Baker who has over 15 years of experience in the health industry highlighted the benefits and results of Symmetry products, particularly Genesis.

This time the focus will be on cardiovascular health. How to easily know yours and the right products for you personally will be shown at the event. We would love to have you all come and benefit from the information that will be dispensed. Superhealth Wellness Centre also provide tests that will reveal your physical condition. We accomplish this with the BioAge Monitor and you will also learn more about it when you attend.

Please see further details below about the seminar.