What Can Your Biological Age Tell You? We Can Help

Undoubtedly, good health is one of our most valuable assets.  Therefore, “prevention is better than cure!” Think then of the power we would have if we can detect a disease or a potential health problem even before the symptoms become evident!  With Superhealth Wellness  Center, that power is within your reach.

Heart disease is the primary cause of death today and having stiff arteries makes it more likely to develop it.   Other diseases associated with high levels of arterial stiffness are diabetes, Alzheimer’s, dementia, kidney disease, hypertension, SLE and rheumatoid arthritis—all threats to our well-being.

How can we help?

First, we will use a special instrument to get detailed information about what is present in your body, the true age of your cells and organs and the level of functionality of your body’s systems.  Next, we’ll provide you with a report explaining what your health indicators are so that you can understand what is really happening inside your body. You will receive step by step guidance regarding treatment procedures, what you should or should not eat and the best supplements for your body’s specific needs.  Our team will provide you with support in creating a lifestyle routine designed to maintain your health and well-being.  

This technology we use that shows your body’s biological age is known as the BioAge MonitorYour body’s biological age indicates your overall health and fitness therefore it’s imperative you check it. The procedure is fast but efficient and you’ll get your report in minutes.


The BioAge Monitor has been tried and tested in one of the world’s leading research hospitals in London and continues to yield successful results over many years.  We are eager to help you understand your body and its needs. It is what we love doing!  Visit us soon and be on your way to regaining and maintaining vibrant health—super health.