Various Ways To Improve Memory

Need To Improve Memory? Here are Some Tips

So you have forgotten where have you kept your spectacles once again. You have tried finding it everywhere only to realize that it is dangling from your head. These circumstances not only make you feel awkward but starts questioning your state of mind. If this continues to happen on a daily basis it can annoy you and everyone else. Far too many people suffer memory loss but it typically depends on the frequency of forgetting. Today’s lifestyle is so demanding that we have barely any time for ourselves this often leads to important information or at times generic information slipping thru our brain. To add to the woes the diet that we take barely does anything to replenish our brain. Unhealthy habits have left us living a robotic life. But unfortunately, unlike robots, our brains are not fitted with computers and it depends on healthy habits, right diet, and proper exercise to improve memory.

The following are various ways to improve memory:

One should exercise regularly to keep the mind and body active and attentive. As they say, healthy body houses the healthy brain. One can also improve memory by keeping the brain active by participating in brainteasers and games. One such easy and a good game is “Memory” that can be played with a pack of playing cards. The best part of this game is that it can be played alone and with as many as four people. All one has to do is to spread the card evenly on a surface and lift and match the characters. If the characters do not match, place the card back to where it was picked from and wait until after a few chances until a match is available and remember where the previous character was laid in the entire bunch of cards. The one who matches more cards wins. Or if you like to play with words try playing scrabble another word game that can challenge your memory and will shake up your vocabulary treasure trove.

Thinking brain, Maintaining Brain Health, Improve MemoryThese games help improve memory and physiological functioning. Learning new skills also helps the motor capacity of the brain by challenging it. Joining a language school to learn a new language can be quite helpful other than this learning to play new instruments can also be more involving and mentally stressing. Getting the help of technology is also not a bad idea. As more and more computer games are developed one can try to play games that are refreshing and challenging. The coordination that is developed between the mind and hand is also great for motor development. Physical exercise helps to keep the mind fresh by increasing its concentration power. It helps our body in two ways, first by relaxing our body and second by developing our alert system. The better circulation of blood helps to bring tandem to our brain thereby improving its efficiency.

Relaxation is equally an important element of physical well being of body and brain. Stress causes remembering to become difficult and you easily lose focus. Serious stress-related problems call for a physical examination by a doctor as it can lead to other problems such as insomnia that deteriorates mental health and makes memorizing anything a hard task. Our busy schedule barely allows us to keep sync with our body and brain and can lead to serious illness which will destabilize our memory functions. If our brain is involved in various things at the same time it will be hard to concentrate on one thing. We need to focus on one thing at a time so we can get the best results while at the same time maintain good memory. So if we intend to improve memory we must first and foremost change our lifestyle and cultivate good practices such as regular exercise and healthy eating. It would be good to eat foods that are good for brain function such as blueberries, Salmon which is rich in omega  3 essential fatty acids, nuts, and seeds. These are just some of what we suggest.

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