Insomnia – What You Can Do For Better Sleep

Is Insomnia Affecting Your Well Being?

You might be surprised to learn that 66% of the general public has trouble falling asleep at night and another 33% of the population deals with chronic insomnia. Many people pop pills to get to sleep at night. There are better solutions. You can overcome your sleep ailments by just making a few subtle changes to your daily routine.

The environment around you affects the way you feel and elicits both physical and emotional responses. For instance, a neat, sparse area can signal the body that it is time to sleep. Lights should be entirely blocked, shut off, or removed to avoid inciting the body’s alertness response. If you are besieged by noises that bother you as you try to sleep, turn on a fan or buy some earplugs.

Keeping a steady sleep schedule is eventually going to be beneficial in curing your insomnia. You put undue harm on your body by keeping erratic hours and staying up too late. Late hours need to be kept to a minimum. Set a regular bedtime near the time you typically go to bed. As that becomes a habit, gradually adjust it to a slightly earlier time, until you are eventually going to bed at a suitable hour.

Your body can be lured into sleep through restful actions like taking a hot bath, praying, or drinking hot tea. Prayer has also been proven to relieve the mind of its worries and soothe you into a more restful state.

Certain culprits are notorious for robbing people of a good night’s rest. Electronic products that light up are one such enemy that can prevent your body from winding down. Obviously, when you’re attempting to sleep, you don’t want such lights encouraging you to hop into action.

In this same vein, you should never consume caffeine after lunchtime. Coffee and sugar can leave you feeling wired and make it tough to sleep at night. Cigarettes containing nicotine are equally harmful. There’s more. Avoid eating large meals or fatty foods immediately before bed. The reason for this is that they raise your metabolic rate and your blood pressure.

Making wise evening choices improves your sleep, but it doesn’t stop there. Choices you make during the day may determine whether or not you doze comfortably at night. Exercising during the day will improve your sleep at night, as long as you avoid strenuous exertion before bed. A short snooze during the day will keep you from dragging, energizing you for the rest of the day, and enabling you to get good and tired for bedtime. Be careful not to sleep more than a few minutes though, or you won’t be tired at night.

You can treat your insomnia with the use of herbal sleeping aids. In addition to these herbal treatments, you need to consume the proper minerals and vitamins. Dark leafy vegetables and citrus fruits are a great source of Vitamin B and Vitamin C. Other foods cause your body to grow tired as well. Turkey, tuna, and eggs are three light protein sources that supply your body with tryptophan, a sleep-inducing amino acid. Bananas, pineapple, milk, and whole grains produce a similar effect in many people. Tryptophan is a naturally-occurring element that lowers the metabolic rate in people. This means your body is in a state conducive to sleep.

Don’t stress or stew if you find yourself awake in bed. Head to a different location for a few minutes to reset your body. Leave lights off to avoid waking your internal clock. If there is an issue that is nagging at you and keeping you awake, such as wondering if you locked the doors, get up and take care of it. If it is a bigger issue, write it down and deal with it in the morning. Do not even glance at a clock because this will just accentuate your sleep difficulties.
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Natural approaches to health changes are not overnight cures. Give it time. If insomnia persists, seek medical help so you don’t launch yourself into depression. If you take the proper steps and exercise patience, you can change your sleep habits and get the restful nights you crave.

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