How Spirulina Enhances Your Health

What Is Spirulina?

Spirulina is another kind of Algae with a blue-green color. It s a fresh water plant much like chlorella we mentioned in another article. If you not familiar with either plant it would be easy to confuse one for the other. Spirulina is one of the most researched plants and is considered a superfood.

You can easily find Spirulina in Africa , Mexico, Hawaii and other parts of the world. It has a very strong flavour by itself but is usually an ingredient in natural supplements, energy bars and green juices. When consumed daily you will see benefits. In fact, there are over a thousand scientific articles assessing its health advantages.

How effective is Spirulina?

It helps to remove heavy metals from the body. This is a crucial problem as the World Health Organisation shows the United States is among the countries severely affected by arsenic poisoning.

Spirulina also helps to prevent cancer. Numerous studies indicate that it maximizes the production of antibodies, proteins that fight infection and cells that improve immunity.

Dr. Oz not only recommends spirulina as a great supplement but how to take it to boost energy level. He said that when mixed with lime it can enhance your performance because sugar is unlocked from cells and when frozen the chill from the ice will increase metabolic energy while giving you an alert feeling.

It can also speed up weight loss. Spirulina curbs hunger and especially people who are over weight will benefit a great deal. These are just some advantages of including spirulina in your diet. Additional information can be found on reputable sources to further convince you.