Had Another Great Experience With Symmetry Genesis

While at home on Friday night I slipped, fell on my right knee and twisted my left wrist in the process. While the wrist pain wasn’t that bad my knee had serious impact and I was wondering if it was fractured. I was in tremendous agony for about 5 minutes and could not move, the pain was that bad. When I did manage to get up I eventually went to bed, but obviously still uncomfortable.

The next morning when I got up I noticed the pain wasn’t as intense, but it still lingered. Since that was the case I decided to stay home and rest the knee with the hope that the pain would lessen. Thankfully I was able to get somethings done and previously made up my mind that I was going to enjoy the day, but the pain continued.

Before going to bed I poured two table spoons of Symmetry Genesis, diluted it and drank. Next morning when I got up the pain in the knee was gone! Just to make sure that it wasn’t my mind fooling me I ran about and jumped a few times……I did that with ease. I was excited because I usually exercise on a hill in the mornings but if I had a bad knee my routine would be hindered. So far I’m enjoying the day with no pain at all.

After this experience with Genesis, I was compelled to present another testimonial. The drink is awesome and I look forward to hear more testimonials from others who have been using it. In fact several of our patients who got results have not just come back for more, they express how they feel!

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Steven Smith Jr.